Take Care of Your Electrical System

Take Care of Your Electrical System

Schedule a thermal imaging inspection in Springfield & Dayton, OH

If you want to avoid an outage or major power problem, you need a thermal imaging inspection. Electrical thermal imaging allows an electrician to detect any spikes in heat in your system. These heat spikes can indicate a problem with your wiring and act as a guide for repairs.

Scott Russell Electric can perform your inspection in Springfield & Dayton, OH. We’ll analyze your system and locate any potential problems with your wiring before they turn into major issues.

Schedule your inspection by contacting us now. We’ll provide you with a free estimate.

Detailed services during every inspection

A thermal imaging inspection is a thorough way to examine your electrical system before any problems occur. If you choose us for your annual inspection, we’ll:

  • Scan your system carefully
  • Take note of any potential problem areas
  • Suggest the best route for repair or replacement

With our electrical thermal imaging pro on the job, you won’t have to worry about your electrical system anymore. Call 937-247-6500 today to set up your inspection.